Backward Flag Brewing

Posted: May 17, 2018 3:36 PM EDT

Torie Fisher needed a way to earn a living after her army service.

Twice deployed to Iraq, the Blackhawk Crew Chief developed a passion for craft beer.

“One of the guys in the unit taught us how to homebrew and that turned into a hobby. And that mashed with me wanting to start a business,” Torie explained.

So Backward Flag brewery was born. Torie said turning the idea into profit took battlefield grit.

“I think as an entrepreneur you do hit a lot of those low points. The people that don’t really make it are the ones that they just give up. And in the military, they teach you that that is not an option.”

Her latest mission is to serve more than just beer.

“For me, especially coming back from deployment in November, transitioning is hard,” said Lizz Devenny, with Arms 2 Artisans.

Torie recently launched Arms 2 Artisans, a hands-on program teaching fellow vets civilian career skills.

“I retired just in January. Didn’t know what to do, and Arms 2 Artisans offered me a program here. Where they’re teaching us how to brew beer and the whole brew business,” Jose Miranda explained.

And patrons here get a taste of the military.

From the veterans Torie employs, to the name of the brews.

“We say we get up at zero dark thirty. So obviously the name zero dark thirsty.”

And the brand.

“Backward Flag, that comes from the flag worn on the army uniform. What the flag actually represents is the fighting spirit. Always moving into the fight, never retreating,” Tori said.

She has found a recipe for success, and helping fellow veterans along the way.

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