The Andrea Oberto winery has humble origins. Everything began in 1959 when my grandfather bought a farmhouse in La Morra. At that time, the farmers couldn’t survive with just one crop, therefore, my grandfather earned a living growing peaches and grapes and raising cows. Everybody had to contribute to the up keep of the family so the children took part in the family business from when they were teenagers.

However, when the farmer’s children became adults, they often had to leave home in order to look for a job elsewhere because there wasn’t enough work for everyone in the family business. This is the reason why my father Andrea, at a certain point in his life, decided to leave La Morra to start working for a big company as a truck driver.

In 1978 Andrea’s father died unexpectedly. My father inherited the family land and began managing the farm. He decided to leave his job in the big company and dedicate the rest of his life to the vineyards he had worked in for so many years.

Over the years, the demand for high quality wine increased and this encouraged many farmers like Andrea to focus solely on growing grapes. At the beginning, a part of the grapes was sold to the cooperative and another part was made into wine which was sold bulk to private customers.

Devoting all of his time and energy in order to realize his dream, Andrea transformed a small farm into a wine company with sixteen hectares as well as a wine production of 100,000 bottles of prestigious wine which is currently sold all over the world.

– Fabio Oberto

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